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2.5 Horsepower Industrial Saw Review—Are You Missing Out?

How many times have you purchased a tool only to be disappointed by its performance or lack thereof? As a handyman the last thing you need is a tool that will gather dust in your workshop because it simply doesn’t serve the purpose you bought it for.

That‘s why we’ve decided to test out this 2.5 Horsepower saw. From  chicago electric power tools let our experience regarding its functionality help you make a wise decision. Will its precision and cutting abilities impresses you?

But what attracted us to this model? You’ll agree, for a DIY handyman the tool you pick should streamline your entire cutting process. Apart from being easy to use it must get the job done as quickly as possible. We think this saw is worth considering because it appeared to tick all the right boxes where performance is concerned.

But will it suit your exact needs?

Keep reading to find out as we discuss its main features in depth.

Key Features

The saw has a wide range of features you’ll find useful during your cutting processes, the most notable being the adjustable cutting head. Let’s face it: The blade you use to cut a brick is different from the one you use on a standard tile. This feature enables you to adjust the cutting head depending on what you’re working on, for optimum results.

The head pivots to allow between 22.5° and 45° for those bevel cuts. In our opinion that’s more than sufficient angling for best results.

Saw Dimensions: 22 1/2“ x 35” x 24”
Weight: 90lb
Table dimensions: 17” x 19 3/4 “

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase this model you’ll find a number of accessories to make your cutting experience as productive as possible.

The package includes:
Chicago electric power tools, 10” Saw
Dual capacitor motor
Large cutting table
AC power cable
Owner’s manual
Replaceable pump
Lock washer

What you must know is a number of customer reviews have indicated that your product might arrive with some components missing. This is such a huge set back as you have to contact the seller again and go through the hassle of logging queries; Not to mention the inconvenience and production time lost.

We advise you to contact the seller just before shipping to confirm your order is handled appropriately.

Build Quality & Design

Since it’s a relatively heavy duty saw you’ll find it’s pretty big and on the heavy side. Its sturdy construction and durable material will ensure it lasts long. It cuts straight—consistently and accurately. Plus it doesn’t splash water all over as other models do.

The only drawback is the pump might fail you but this is largely due to the water contaminated with cutting residue over time. To curb this: Upon receiving it place it in a bucket of water and allow it to pump clean water for three days. 

You’ll thank me later.

We must add it’s a very good quality unit for the price.

User Friendliness

First off the DIY user will appreciate that it’s pretty simple to set up. You’ll have it up and running in about an hour. However, the table is pre assembled which is quite convenient plus it’ll fit the saw perfectly –no modifications required.

The saw is relatively easy to use depending on the cut you’re doing, diagonal cuts being a bit more complicated. You can also use it for plunge cuts without exerting too much effort. Just make sure you go easy when cutting delicate pieces like glass to avoid chipping.

However note, though it has a 24” cutting capacity, this isn’t achieved in one swift motion. Also, for best results make sure the tile completely lies on the saw table without touching the blade.


As mentioned earlier this tool is quite versatile and you can use it on a number of materials including tiles, bricks & glass. This is pretty useful because it means you don’t have to take trips to the hardware store each time you need to cut a certain material.

However, what you must know is it’s a wet saw and its primary design is for cutting tiles. To cut other materials more effectively you’ll need the Diamond blade which is sold separately.

Generally this saw has a 24” maximum length cutting capacity on tiles; however for diagonal cuts it’s 18”. This is actually pretty standard for most saws so you’re in no way being short changed on performance.

When you’re working on a brick it allows you to cut up to 3 ½” in a single cut which in our opinion is pretty impressive. If you want to use it for cutting rocks then you must definitely consider buying the Diamond blade as it does a better job. However for granite you’ll manage a 2” cut if you use the standard blade.

Safety Features

For optimum performance these tools must operate under the right temperatures. As with most electrical equipment excessive heat is generated during use. And too much heat will just damage the unit over time.

That’s why this powerful dual capacitor motor comes with sealed bearings and is protected from excess heat thanks to the thermal overload protection feature.

Reasonable price
Table well designed
Motor has plenty of power
Easy to set up
Sturdy construction

May arrive with missing parts
Might experience pump failure
Assembling instructions not easy to read
Very heavy


Would we recommend this product to a friend? Definitely. Is it for daily use? Not quite.

Professionals will need a heavier duty model to get the job done on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the DIY handyman will find it useful because of its impressive features and performance capabilities. This Chicago electric power tool is a must have for home owners too; for those times you feel like renovating your laundry room or kitchen tiles.

The motor is extremely powerful which is a plus. Sure, it may be slightly overwhelmed when cutting brick pavers but overall it works fine. We think it’s a keeper.

Chicago Electric Power Tools 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw with Rotating Handle Review

As a hands-on handyman who likes getting things done (without calling in the professionals), certain tools must definitely be in your workshop. And if cutting is often on your to do list the Reciprocating Saw with a rotating handle is one possible option.

Here’s why: This power tool from Chicago Electric isn’t only powerful but it works at an incredibly fast speed; with accuracy. Sure, it’s on the heavy side but this adds to its durability, don’t you agree?

To help you make up your mind whether or not to buy it, have a look at our mini review below. We unpack its diverse features & application. Who knows: You might realize it’s exactly what you need to take your cutting to the next level.

Key Features

As the name suggests, its major selling point is the rotating handle. This allows for comfortable and controlled cutting regardless of the angle. It rotates completely through five stops: 45° and 90°, both left and right.

The motor on this device is quite powerful and the speed trigger goes from 0 to 2500 strokes in just a minute. Let’s face it, with this kind of speed you’re guaranteed precision cutting.

For a device operating at such speed you’ll agree its stability is paramount for safety reasons. That’s why the Shoe plate is designed to pivot up to 30° for increased stability.

If you happen to face any challenges regarding its mechanism, it comes with 90 day warranty for repairs. What we don’t like however is you can’t purchase replacement parts, such as the blade chuck spring, for this model.

Dimensions: 18” x 5” x 10”
Weight: 6.90lb
Model number: 62370/61884
Color: Red & black
Power source: AC

What’s in the Box?

Purchasing this model means you’ll get a 6A reciprocating saw with the rotating handle. A few attachments come together with this tool, necessary to aid in its functionality:
Owner’s instruction manual
Electrical cord

One of the main things most customers aren’t happy about is it doesn’t come with the most important feature: blades. As a result be prepared to spend a little more cash purchasing a set. These are however readily available online or at your local hardware store.

If you’re unsure which set of blades will go with this model we’d recommend the DeWalt brand because they’re good quality blades and work well. Ultimately the ones you pick are a matter of preference as well as what you want to use the saw for—not forgetting your budget.

Word of advice: Whatever you do don’t buy cheap blades as they won’t last long or perform to your satisfaction.

Ease of Use

One thing you’ll like about this power tool is it’s quite user friendly and operation is intuitive. Its ability to rotate the head makes the job that much easier. And though large it’s pretty easy to handle. Switching from one blade to the next is quick and easy thanks to the 1/2“ twist lock blade chuck.

It allows for a 7/8” stroke length which isn’t bad. And you don’t have to worry about sustaining any bruises after you’re done because of the rubber grip. Apart from comfort, the same feature protects the tool to some degree, ensuring durability.

You don’t have to worry about installing the blade guide as it’s already pre-attached to the saw. The only thing you need to install is the blade since it isn’t included.

Not much effort is needed from you during the cutting process: Simply let the blade do the work for you, but of course this depends on what you’re cutting. Metal will need some extra muscle from you.


Important to note is this is a pretty power hungry tool so you can expect a hike in your utility bill—especially if you use it regularly. Even when it’s not actually cutting anything and operating at low speeds it uses approximately 200W.

You won’t need any batteries to operate this unit because it needs to be connected to a power output socket using the electrical cord.

Unlike some saws which break when you cut thicker material, this unit is strong enough to withstand almost any material.


This tool is perfect for those small jobs for instance it can cut through pipes with ease. You can use it to literally cut through any material as long as you have the correct blade for the job. From steel plates to iron angles this is your go to. Here are a few pointers on the type of blades and where they work best:
For fibreglass we’d recommend a fine tooth blade
Wood will require a pruning or tree limb cutting blade
Metal works best with a metal or bimetal blade

Also, bear in mind that this saw doesn’t require lubrication when cutting through most material since it’s self lubricating. However, it would be a good idea to add a bit of lubricant every now and again particularly where the blade attaches. This way the blades will be easy to replace or change when necessary.

Pros and Cons

Sturdy construction
High quality material
No messy oiling chain
Plenty of horse power
Easy to handle
Great price
Works well
Super strong

Doesn’t come with blades
Large and heavy; can be uncomfortable to use for some
Can’t purchase replacement parts


It’s clear: This saw is a winner where both functionality and price are concerned. A unit that can literally handle any job is worth considering, right? Yes, it doesn’t come with blades but that’s a challenge you can quickly solve.

Though it’s pretty heavy, it’s manageable for most people and it cuts much faster than other high end models without sacrificing precision. Its rotating ability is a big plus as it allows for better positioning of the blades when cutting.

The electric cord is super long so feel free to cut that tree trunk in your backyard even if it’s meters away from the power source.

So, would we recommend it to a friend? Absolutely.

Chicago Electric Power Tools

Tired of carrying a heavy duty saw from one place to another to get various jobs done in your workshop? Perhaps we have a solution. What if I told you there’s a tool that’s versatile and handy enough for those times you need a cutting job done quick?

Apart from being lighter, you’ll save money by purchasing an all inclusive tool to streamline your work. If this idea sounds appealing to you, consider purchasing the Double Bevel Sliding Compound saw from Chicago Electric. This tool is relatively new to the market and designed to perform different types of cuts.

Sceptical about whether it’ll match your needs? Go through our review to learn more about how it operates. Our article will help you make an informed decision on whether it’ll satisfy all your cutting needs, so you get the most value for money once you start shopping.

Key Features

You might be wondering what features give it a competitive edge compared to other models? Firstly, most saws don’t allow you to perform certain cuts such as the Bevel cuts. Also, they’re not sliding saws. That’s where this model is different in that it allows both functionalities and more. It has a locking mechanism to ensure the sliding function is kept in place during use.

Another of its many impressive features has to be the powerful 15A motor it comes with. With this kind of power you can clearly see it’s ready to cut through any material easily.

For a power electric tool operating at this magnitude, it’s important to have safety features to avoid accidents. That’s why this saw features dual linear slide rails for added stability during use. The same feature also guarantees smooth and precise Bevel cuts: 45° either left or right.

Also, it has a guard to cover the rotating blade when in use.

It’s no secret the amount of dust that’s produced during the cutting process (depending on the type of material being worked on). That’s why we suggest you pick this unit which comes with a dust bag to collect accumulated dust.

Sure, a number of reviews have noted dust still gets thrown around during use. However it’s rare to find a model with a 100% effective dust bag system.


Weight: 52lb
Maximum speed: 3800rpm
Bevel diameter: 12”
Miter capacity: 45°
Voltage: 45V
Arbor size: 5.8”
Cord length: 6 1/3”
Power source: AC

What’s in the Box?

Apart from this powerful unit what else can you expect in the box? The last thing you need is a tool that comes with missing components that are crucial in getting the job done. That will mean more trips to the hardware store. Picking this model is ideal because it includes other accessories & attachments to aid in your cutting process:
Dust bag
Machined aluminum fence
Table clamp
Extension bars
Cord storage hooks
Laser guide

Unfortunately like most saw products, what it doesn’t include is the blade. The blade is sold separately by the same seller of this unit. Though you have the option of purchasing it elsewhere, we recommend buying the one provided by the seller; the specs suit this particular saw to a tee.

Of importance is that the brand is owned by Harbour Freight Tools. In the event that you need replacement parts, contact the seller to get information on how to access them.

Ease of Use

Despite weighing 52lb you’ll find the unit is quite easy to operate. The trigger activated laser guide system allows for easy angling and handling.

It comes with a super long electric cable (approximately six feet in length) making navigation easier. Regardless of where the power source is located, there’s enough cable to move around in your workshop easily.

Apart from cutting this tool is also designed for trimming and moulding. Thinking of making some furniture? Then you’ll like this saw which lets you make the right, accurate precision cut the first time. This means no more multiple cuts trying to get the angle right.

Judging from the powerful motor it’s no surprise this device is specifically designed to work on the larger projects. For the small odd jobs you might want to consider a smaller model.

Regardless of how big the object is you’re cutting, this saw allows you to make smooth cuts which are also accurate.


Ask any avid handyman and he’ll tell you that different pieces require different cutting techniques. And a device that allows you to transition easily to suit what you’re working on is a winner. This Double Bevel sliding saw allows you to perform a number of cuts such as Precision cross, Bevel and Milter cuts.

Of course, since it’s a Double Bevel saw it’s clear its primary function is to help you with the bevel cut—that’s where it excels. The Bevel cut diameter is 12” which is a pretty impressive cut size in our opinion.

The machine operates at an incredible speed of 3800 rpm which is quite impressive in terms of performance. Just remember: Power also means you must exercise additional caution when using it to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Pros and Cons

Long electric cable
Easy to operate
Powerful motor
Operates at fast speeds
Cuts with precision & accuracy
Simple to set up

Blade is purchased separately
Parts not readily available from seller


Now that you have an idea of how it works, is it a product you might pick? We think it ticks all the right boxes where functionality and performance are concerned. Plus it’s not as expensive as many other models with similar specs.

In short, it gets the job done—that’s what’s important, right? Give it a try, you might realize it’s the missing piece among your workshop equipment.

As a handyman you’ll find some jobs are rather tough; You’ll need to bring out the stronger tools. Drilling through concrete walls is one such example. For that reason, the tool in question must be able to handle such resilient material without breaking.

If you’re looking for that particular tool, you’ll appreciate this review where we discuss this 3 in 1 rotary hammer. Though this is a very tough and durable hammer it’s still relatively easy to operate. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance.

Is this what you’ve been looking for? Let’s discuss the machine and its useful features to find out.


Buying this multi-purpose tool means you’ll be getting three tools for the price of one. And the best part is it still comes at a reasonable price. This is a 3 in 1 tool which allows you to do the following:

The versatility of this product means you’ll be saving on both money and time. You’ll cut down on numerous trips to the hardware store because it has different functions that will help you in different jobs.

One of its selling points is it accepts industry standard Slotted Drive System (SDS) bits. This means it’s compatible with most attachments & accessories such as blades & chisels. You won’t have to spend money on the custom pieces which are usually more expensive. Also, the standard ones are easily available from almost any hardware store.

Another of its impressive features has to be the side handle. It adjusts to a complete 360° angle for increased flexibility and performance. The D shape of the handle makes it easier to control the tool during use at any desired angle.

We appreciate that ultimately you can determine the speed of the hammer thanks to the variable speed trigger. This trigger has a lock for control and to maintain it at your preferred speed. Apart from control it also serves as a safety measure. After all, when using these sharp electric tools, your safety is paramount.

Weight: 10.2lb
Dimensions: 17.5” x 10.2” x 4.6”
Color: Red or black
Power source: AC
Voltage: 120V
Impact rate: 0-5,100BPM
Rotation rate: 0-5,150RPM
Power code: 8ft

Wondering what else is included in the package? Apart from this all inclusive rotary hammer you’ll get a few more attachments to aid in its performance:
It comes with an 8ft long power cord that empowers you to use it quite far away from the power source. This is a good length for most workshops or even working in an open area.
The product comes with a user manual with instructions on how to operate it. Here you’ll find all the necessary information regarding the important dos and don’ts when handling this hammer.

What it doesn’t come with are drill bits and chisels. You’ll have to purchase these separately from Chicago Electric tools or your local hardware store.

In as much as it’s designed for heavy duty jobs, it’s still pretty easy to use. The convenient side handles allow for easier positioning when drilling, making for a comfortable grip. The same feature makes it super easy to carry around.

At 10.2lb you can see that it’s not that heavy. This is a good size because it means you’re less likely to suffer from hand fatigue during and after working. Also, the anti-vibration functionality also reduces both fatigue and discomfort. The only drawback is since it’s smaller it’ll take you longer to drill than when using the bigger hammer models.

When drilling on the ground, some guns tend to jerk up & down due to the impact. However, that’s not the case with this rotary hammer which holds steady during drilling. You just need to make sure you hold it firmly on the ground throughout the process.

For your added convenience, this product comes with a 3 in 1 switch. You can transition from drill to hammer drill or hammer only function with ease: Simply flick the switch.

This tool is designed to blast through concrete & masonry with utmost ease. Though it’s a smaller tool it’s relatively powerful. The fact that it’s powered by 7.3A attests to that.

Because it‘s drilling through hard surfaces you can understand why it’s rather noisy. You can consider wearing earplugs to reduce that sound impact.

Also, when drilling through concrete small particles are bound to fly around, which can be dangerous. To avoid any potential accidents we’d recommend you wear protective eye glasses during use.

For those times you want to drill wood or masonry this tool is your go to. It’s so versatile you can use it on all sorts of materials and yes, especially concrete.

It’s perfect for making precision holes as well as some degree of moderate chiselling.

What you must note however is the thickness of concrete differs and it doesn’t work on all types. Since this isn’t a heavy duty model, we recommend using it on the thinner surfaces. It cuts approximately four inches in on thin concrete. For the thicker materials you’ll need a heavier duty model.

Drills wood and concrete
Multipurpose and versatile
Easy to use
Long power cord
Compatible with most accessories

Extremely noisy
Drilling takes longer on thick concrete
Not for heavy duty jobs
Doesn’t come with bits and chisels

This hammer drill is exactly what you need for those relatively tough jobs even when you’re working on concrete. Not only is it lightweight but it holds steady and is easy to use.

The handle allows for easy angling during your drilling as well as better control. You get to drill without pain or discomfort thanks to the comfortable grip it allows. This essentially means you can enjoy a fatigue free drilling process. Just remember this isn’t the best heavy duty model on the market.

Looking for a tool that combines functionality, performance and affordability? You’ve found it.

Tired of experiencing hand fatigue after each brake job or removing those nuts from your trailer? This electric power tool from Chicago Freight might just be the answer to your problem. Whether you want to replace a wheel or remove suspension bolts this might just be the impact gun you’re looking for. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

As a DIYer I’m sure you’re looking to get the job done quick. For this you’ll need a tool that’s easy to handle; This machine will ensure this and even make your work easier.

You’ll notice a number of similar products on the market, which often makes it difficult to decide on one in particular. That’s why we put together this article reviewing the electric impact reversible wrench in detail, as well as how it operates.

Keep reading to find out why it’s among our top recommendations of electric tools & why you must consider adding it to your DIY equipment.


The last thing you need is a tool you’ll have to replace after a few uses because it stopped working. You won’t have to worry about that with this unit thanks to its rugged design which means it’ll last long. The wrench is made of aluminum cast for increased durability.
However, though it features a relatively solid design we would not recommend it for routine use. An occasional job every now and again it can handle but daily use will affect its longevity. This could be because some of the parts are made in China, making quality questionable.
Luckily, if you require some replacement parts you have to contact the manufacturer, Harbor Freight and they’ll gladly assist.
On the upside, it delivers a higher torque capacity than most torque wrenches in the same price range. It’s designed to provide 240ft-lb of torque and in our opinion, that’s more than enough torque power necessary to remove lug nuts.
Dimensions: 11” x 8”x 4”
Voltage: 120V
Amps speed: 2100rpm
Impact rate: 25-30bpm
Power code length: 6ft
Max torque: 240ft.lbs

You’ll appreciate that after ordering this unit online, you’ll receive it in no time. Upon unboxing you’ll get this reversible wrench and a few other attachments to make your job easier:
Main unit
Power cord
User manual

Ease of Use
How many times have you felt discomfort after using these electric tools? Picking this one means you won’t have to endure that anymore thanks to the lightweight and high impact housing designed to reduce hand fatigue.

Yes, it’s still a sturdy, heavy tool as power tools usually are, but it’s easy to use and easy on your hands.

Some nuts are more difficult to remove than others and that’ll ultimately determine the number of hammers you perform before they break loose. For instance: A 100lb-ft torque lug nut will come off quickly in just a couple of hammers.

It has a rocker switch to move the toggle forward or backward by just using one hand, making it easy to use.

It works well particularly for those smaller jobs such as working on lawnmowers or small machinery. It’s so easy to operate you don’t need to exert much effort during usage.

One of the downsides is you might experience difficulty when using it on those hard to reach places which is why it’s advisable to purchase an extension & a universal joint.

Firstly know this: You’re the one who determines how long this wrench runs per job. It works just like any normal impact gun meaning it’ll keep hammering until you decide to let go of the trigger.

With maximum torque that runs at as much as 2100rpm it means it can handle a wide range of applications. Whether you want to take bolts off or remove the lug nuts off your wheel this is the ideal tool for the job. It can even remove the rusty lug nuts and bolts that are often challenging.

This nifty gadget has enough impact to loosen most fasteners—even tractor bolts on your farm equipment aren’t spared. It allows you to get the job done much quicker than other models for instance jacking up a car & replacing the wheels will take you half your usual time if you use this tool.

It works effectively on its own so you won’t need any other tools to get the same results. Case in point: When removing wheels with another tool, you’ll require an air compressor but that’s not the case with this self sufficient wrench.

As much as its performance will impress you, unfortunately your neighbours won’t share the same sentiments because it’s rather loud. You can consider wearing earplugs just to reduce the noise impact especially when working in enclosed spaces like your garage.

Reduces user fatigue
Removes even the tightest of bolts
Low price
Self sufficient
Powerful motor
Sturdy construction
Versatile enough to use on most jobs
Removes rusted nuts & bolts easily

No sockets included
Slightly heavy
Difficulty accessing hard to reach places
Large and bulky
Extremely loud

It’s pretty clear: This power tool will definitely make your life easier because it can handle just about any job with ease. It’s a perfect tool if you occasionally work on cars as it allows you to rotate wheels or remove shocks with ease. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get this tool as it comes at a reasonable price.

It works well, removing even the toughest of fasteners without you exerting too much effort. Plus it’s designed to reduce user fatigue so you won’t be experiencing any pain or discomfort once the job is done.

It provides a fast and efficient way of performing some tasks that would ordinarily take ages if you use another unit.

Our final thoughts: It’s an efficient impact gun that gets the job done; A definite must have in your workshop. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised.