About Us

Hi, guys,

I am Pete and just love mucking around in my garage at the back of my house.

A few years ago i had to cut up a old car for scrap and was using an angle grinder after a few hours and almost burning my leg off.

 I didn’t notice the sparks slowly setting my jeans on fire.

I thought there’s got to be a better and quicker way to do this.

So i went on to mister google and discovered a thing called a plasma cutter.

But found when i went to local store to purchase it i got totally confused.

 It seemed to me the salesman just wanted to sell me the most expensive unit in the store.

Even though i explained i would only use it every now and then. 

I ended up buying a midrange machine when I only really needed a cheap home handyman unit. 

So that’s why i am here trying to give you the best unbiased advice possible .

Cheapest is not always best but you need good advice so you can make the correct decision for your own needs and get the right machine for your job.

I personally like to purchase from Amazon.com     because i think they can’t be beaten on their pricing and warranties also the different choices of plasma cutters for any job you might have.

Their  consumables seem to be the cheapest i have found so far.

If you need some advice don’t hesitate  to contact me.