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 Plasma cutter and welder If you’re in the market for a versatile 3 in 1 plasma cutter  and welder machine you might like this 3 in 1 combo device which combines both quality and functionality.

From cutting to welding to building this machine allows you to do so thanks to its Lotus technology.

This particular plasma cutter and welder combo is suited for both professional operators as well as the do it yourself users.

Whether you’re a small or large business you’ll benefit from this

Lotos CT520D 3 in 1 plasma cutter welder

which is designed to make your work happen more efficiently.


To learn more about its diverse features & applications, have a look at our quick review below.

Hopefully it’ll meet all your  plasma cutter and welding requirements and more.

What’s in the Box?

Here we have a plasma cutter and welder machine that features three mechanisms:

50A Air Plasma Cutter, 200 A TIG Welder

and a 200A Stick Welder.

This multipurpose plasma cutter and welder allows you to weld & plasma cut by using just one machine.

Key Features

This machine has three main features, allowing for Plasma cutting,

TIG Welding and MMA/Stick Welding.

It features a duty cycle of 60% at maximum amps on all processes.



The welding feature is suitable for welding with different kinds of acids and it also has a power efficiency of 85%.

It has automatic dual voltage capability which allows the machine to run on 220V 50/60Hz power or on 110V 50/60Hz.

Construction and Design

The Lotos 3 in 1 plasma cutter offers multiple  plasma cutting and welding capabilities.

It’s constructed using components from well known brand names for instance Toshiba, TI and Sanyo.

This is quite useful when you’re looking for replacement parts.


This Plasma Cutter and welder is specifically designed to use on different types of material including steel, copper & aluminum.


Not only does the design allow for a safer and quicker welding process but this tool comes at a relatively low cost.

Though it allows for three different functions, the machine is quite easy to operate.

It has a hand carrying weight of 32 lb which is comfortable to carry, making the device portable.


The plasma cutter features a compact design and comes with a handle to make it easier to transport.

The welding function is made of high quality material and can be used for both start hand torch control and welding heat control.


It features an adjustable hot striking arc current which is designed to improve the arc starting function.

Not only is the arc quite stable and consistent but it also functions at high frequency.

For a 3 in 1 plasma cutter machine it has a pretty attractive & solid design which doesn’t compromise on its performance.


The arc is pretty smooth and allows you to lay a very nice bead.


However some of the parts are made of plastic (such as the argon and compressor regulator) which makes its durability questionable.


The TIG Torch works considerably well but the same can’t be said about the hose which isn’t as sturdy.


One of its other drawbacks is you can never get the

right temperature:


It’s often too hot or not hot enough which means you’ll need some time to figure it out and get used to working it.

Plastic Regulator

Ease of Use

For such a versatile tool it’s pretty easy to learn and use as it allows you to cut or weld with just the flip of a switch.


You can easily transition from one function to the other quickly.


Even a novice user will find it user friendly because it gives a steady and manageable current.


If you’re an inexperienced welder doing a lot of work each day, you might want to order more consumables for the arc because you’re likely to quickly use up the ones provided you can order here.


The instructions and directions are relatively simple to follow.


However if you find them difficult to understand you can download the product manual online which offers much simpler instructions.


Sure, it’ll leave a bit of slag at the bottom but the trick is to slow down or use a torch gun to get the desired result—a nice clean top surface which cuts through with ease.

This plasma cutter and welder is able to cut through various types of metal with precision thanks to the durable cutter.


It can cut up to ½” using the 50A pilot plasma cutting feature.

It has a maximum rated clean cut thickness of ½” and severance thickness of ¾”.

The cutter uses compressed air which is non hazardous to cut through alloy, mild and stainless steel among other metals.



Final Thoughts

Overall, this plasma cutter and welder machine is worth considering thanks to its versatility.


Because you can use the same machine for both welding and cutting it ultimately guarantees efficiency.


Also it comes at half the price compared to similar high end models and still works just as great.


The quality of some its parts is questionable which might impact negatively on durability.


You won’t experience too many glitches which guarantees smooth performance.


If You would like some more information on this plasma cutter and welder combo please don’t hesitate to contact me

Our Rating From 100

Combo Welder Plasma Cutter

Combo Welder Plasma Cutter Why purchase two—or even three machines if one will do?


That’s one of the main drawing cards of the  3 in 1 combo welder plasma cutter  machine available from Iglobalbuy.



Do you realize your equipment make all the difference between a streamlined work session and walking out on your DIY project out of frustration?


With this Combo Welder Plasma Cutter you’ll enjoy a great workflow.


Firstly your plasma cutter must align with your unique application. For a quick DIY project you may simply want a portable unit you can use around the house.

However, if this determines your income cutting performance may be your number one priority.


If welding is also part of your regular duties, that’s when this 3 in 1 plasma cutter and welder makes total sense.


But let’s make sure it ticks all the right boxes so it can serve you well in the long run.

We tested it out and now you can read our in depth review and see if it matches your preferences.

What’s in the Box?

Apart from being a 3-in-1 plasma cutter welder, a huge draw card is that you get so many accessories with this kit.


This is always beneficial because one purchase covers most of what you’ll use.

Most probably you won’t need as many trips to the hardware store as with some other models on the market.


This makes the product already a smart budget option.

You get:
The main body (welder/cutter)
A cutting torch
TIG Torch
MMA clamp + cable
Ground clamp + cable
TIG caps (1 long; 1 short)
Air regulator
Variety of accessories and fittings (but not plugs)

Different Functions

This Combo Welder Plasma Cutter  model is different from many others as it combines welding features and plasma cutting.


However there are actually three different options:

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding

Plasma cutting

Stick/MMA (Manual Metal Arc) welding


Your first option is to weld with the 10-120A DC TIG welder.


This works effectively on many metals such as brass, stainless steel, copper and more.


Alternatively, opt for the MMA welder setting.

This can be utilized with a wide range of basic electrodes.

The plasma cutter has a 30A output and you can cut many different materials:
It works with compressed air (non hazardous) but note that this is not included in your purchase.

The Consumables that need replacing below

You can see this  is compact in size, which makes it easy to carry to the spot you want to use it.


Many users prefer a sling, but this plasma cutter and welder device is at least not very heavy.


The handle embedded on top makes for comfortable carrying and it’s sturdily attached, so don’t be afraid it will disconnect from the body.


User Friendliness

As it’s primarily for DIY a high requirement is to make it easy on the user.

If you’re doing maintenance at your home you don’t necessarily have extensive experience.


A user friendly machine will help you get things done quick and this machine doesn’t disappoint.

You easily pick between the different functions

(TIG/MMA or cutting) with a simple switch, so there won’t be any confusion.

The interface is simple, with large knobs and everything can be accessed from one side.

It runs with very little noise, which makes this not only user friendly for the owner, but neighbors too.

Safety Features
These machines require a lot of power and overheating is a common problem.

That’s why you often need to allow for cool down periods.

With this design you have quite a few features working in your favor to limit down time, but also keep the user safe.

There is an over voltage protection feature which prevents excessive overheating.

As a bonus this protects your machine too, so it will last longer.

For the same reason you also get an under voltage protection, overcurrent protection and overload protection.

The system even compensates if there are fluctuations in current.


It’s clear that this is mostly meant for DIY usage, as it’s a small machine.

However, it’s still powerful and it can be utilized in many professional scenarios too.


An impressive feature is that the ratio between input and output voltage can be as high as 85%, which makes for some exceptional power.

That leads to many people using it in light industrial environments, maintenance work and even when repairing machines.


Additional Features
We also appreciate that the brand put some deep thought into this simple design.

Because it incorporates high arc energy there is less pollution than with some other welders.


The compact design is also energy saving.


The focus of this design was not only to provide users with effective features, but also to ensure you’re happy with what the workmanship looks like.


That’s why there’s great penetration, you’re assured of a deep weld pool and you’ll end up with an aesthetically pleasing welding shape when you’re done.



Final Thoughts
If your next DIY project incorporates metal work, you’re bound to be cutting as well as welding a few pieces.


That makes this unique machine perfect to get all your work done in one go.


No more lugging multiple tools outside—just one.


No, this isn’t ideal for all professional applications, but thanks to the safety features such as overload protection, it’s safe to use in almost any environment.


A good buy? Definitely.

Our Rating From 100

3-in-1 Plasma Cutter Welder

Looking for a user friendly solution to upgrade your workmanship when welding or cutting?


The 160A plasma cutter and welder model from Amico may be just what you need.


Or, perhaps you’re new to this line of DIY projects and you want to make it as easy on yourself from the start.


In both these scenarios users enjoy the Amico 3 in 1 plasma cutter as their solution.


Will you be one of them? We took an in depth look to help you decide on a plasma cutter and welder & find the best value for money.

What’s in the Box?

It’s always better to purchase a kit with all you need.


That’s more budget friendly and convenient than supplementing your gear with loose items from the hardware store.


With this Amico kit you get almost all you’ll need for your first project:

CTS-160 plasma cutter/TIG/Stick
13ft plasma cutter gun

13ft TIG torch gun

11ft 600A electrode holder, cable included

11ft 600A work clamp, cable included

8ft argon gas hose

Power adapter (110V & 230V)

Tungsten needles x 2 (3/64”)

Tungsten needles x 2 (5/64”)

Electrode x 2 (1/8”)

Electrode x 2 (3/32”)

Important Features
It’s always better to have everything on hand when you’re doing repairs.


When you have to look for a tool or you left something behind, it only makes repair times longer.


With this 3 in 1 plasma cutter and welder you have all you need to repair metal parts or finish your projects:

Plasma cutting
TIG welding
Stick welding

As a bonus it makes it easy to do.

For each of your three options you’ll have different current ranges.

Advanced Tech
Amico installed some great tech features in this design as you can benefit from the waveform control system.


It allows for the perfect wave form (V and A) while you’re working and short circuits and arc burning cycles occur.


The technology also includes an IGBT

(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transition) device.


This is what ensures the switching between operating options happens fast, while ensuring efficiency.

Exceptional Outcome
The quality of your work also matters for this brand.


Amico optimized the 3 in 1 plasma cutter and welder design so when you’ve welded you’ll be left with a flawless weld.


Even clean up becomes a breeze, mostly because there’s very little spatter when you work with this model.

Beginner Friendly

You don’t have to be a pro to use this, or to showcase great workmanship.


This Amico 3 in 1 plasma cutter welder is super easy to understand and has minimal setting options so you won’t get flustered with the layout.


The dials and switches are clearly labelled, leaving no chance of misunderstanding.


This means you can focus on your work and you’ll quickly get used to making adjustments on the control panel.


Eventually this will streamline your workflow.

When you start working many basic dangers are circumvented thanks to the impressive features.


This includes over & under voltage protection, overload protection, over voltage protection and voltage fluctuation compensation.


You also don’t have to concern yourself with it easily overheating.


It has a built in temperature control and it’s cooled with fan air which means you can use it for longer periods before a cool down time is necessary.

Compact Design
This isn’t one of the large 3 in 1 plasma cutter machines on today’s market,

but that’s exactly what hobbyists and homeowners need, right?


The weight is manageable to carry around your premises and it doesn’t even require a lot of storage space.


It’s practical to travel with, but also won’t rob you of floor space—ideal for small home owners or when your business doesn’t have a lot of storage space.

It’s encouraging to see manufacturers place so many features even into basic, entry level cutters and welders.


It has fan dormancy and because you can use it with almost any generator you can utilize its benefits anywhere you go.


There’s also amperage control and all these extras make it easier for beginners to get their work just right.



Final Thoughts
This is a perfect way to start a new hobby, but the kit is also powerful enough to cope with certain professional tasks.


In an auto body shop, this may be ideal for minor cutting or repairs.


It’s especially handy because it’s small in size, enabling you to place it wherever the work needs to be done.


Although most people prefer longer warranty periods, this is still a quality machine and an investment for your future projects. 

Our Rating From 100

3 in 1 Plasma Cutter

Are you new to welding and want a machine that’ll make you master the craft without difficulty?


Pick the 2015 Everlast PowerPro and it’ll be the answer to all your welding problems.


From cutting to tigging this versatile 3 in 1 plasma cutter and welder will have you working like a pro in no time thanks to its sturdy construction and solid design.


Gone are the days when you had to fill up your workshop with different equipment for different welding processes.


This 3 in 1 plasma cutter welder isn’t only convenient but features a compact design for easier handling.

What’s in the Box?
This product comes as a combo set which comprises of:

160A TIG

120A Stick

40A plasma cutter


These tools will allow you to not only cut but weld through any metal. The unit is designed to perform a 3/16” weld on AC TIG, 3/8” on DC TIG and a 5/8” cut on plasma.

You’ll also find:

IGBT Infineon modules in a wide range of voltage classes and current ratings for enhanced electrical performance & reliability without compromising on the unit’s design.

A standoff torch: WP-17 model
110V plug which works well but you might need a 220V version for better performance


The 3 in 1 plasma cutter has powerful welding and cutting abilities.


You can expect a high duty cycle for all three functions:


TIG, stick and plasma. The over current indicator regulates the duty cycle by warning the machine when each duty cycle has been exceeded.

This indicator also alerts you when air pressure meets the minimum required operating pressure.

If you want to use this welder with a generator it requires a minimum of 10,000W continuous output.


In addition, the generator must be classified as having a “clean power” source by the manufacturer.


Using it with an undesignated generator means you’ll risk forfeiting the warranty.

However note for better results you might want to opt for a higher output generator.

You’ll like that this unit is covered for five years—for both parts and labor.

If after 30 days you’re not completely satisfied with the product you can get your money back.

This is how confident the manufacturers are of their product.

Construction & Design
This all in one machine is both portable and lightweight for easy handling.


Though the unit performs a number of welding functions, you don’t have to worry about it utilizing a lot of power thanks to its

inverter technology.


The TIG and stick functions have exceptional arc stability.

You can even repair car parts or broken housing with little to no filter. As a bonus the TIG has a high frequency start for enhanced performance.

Though it’s designed to perform 3/16” weld on a single pass using the AC TIG, it’s still capable of welding 3/8” aluminum on multiple passes.

However you’ll need to use a thicker electrode and filler for that.

Ease of Use
New to welding? You might like this model because it’s quite user friendly thanks to easy and intuitive controls.


Whether or not you have mastered the welding technique you’ll be able to TIG thin material with ease.


It’s so simple to operate you can even use it to practice pipe welding.


The simple selector switch allows you to transition from one process to another quickly.


You can seamlessly change from the TIG to the plasma cutting function and back.



Cutting Mechanism
The plasma cutter is so smooth & clean it can cut through any metal such as aluminum and marine stainless steel.


You’ll also find that it comes with pilot arc to enable more functionality.

You must connect the arc to the terminal on the control panel of the plasma for it to function.



To effectively use the plasma cutter you’ll need a reliable air compressor—preferably one that can deliver 90psi.


The last thing you need is the pressure to drop in the middle of a cut.


Mounting a water filter and oil separator as near as possible to the unit will also help regulate air pressure.

This is because any oil or water in your air supply will cause pressure problems.



Some might find the price of the welding machine a bit steep but let’s face it:


You’re basically getting three tools for the price of one which is worth it, don’t you think?


So, why not ditch the individual welding tools and opt for this plasma cutter and welder duo? Picking this unit won’t only save you money but time too, as there’s less carrying of equipment when everything’s on hand.


The goal is to work smart, not hard right? This Everlast model makes it happen.

Our Rating From 100

Everlast Plasma Cutter

Chicago Electric Power Tools

Here you have a great, budget friendly plasma cutter and welder purchase that also prevents additional trips to the hardware store.


So many handy tools are included from the start:

A 12ft 26 series TIG torch.

It comes with a Dinse connector.

10 ft cable for the stick electrode holder;

Dinse connector included.

12ft cable and Dinse connector along with the AG-60 Plasma torch.

Argon regulator.
Pressure regulator (Water trap).

Economy pedal (Type: foot pedal).
Work clamp (10ft cable and Dinse connector included).

Multi Process
This Everlast Plasma Cutter is a 3 in 1 plasma cutter that makes sense if you love all types of DIY projects.


It not only allows you to cut metal, but also to weld. One machine doing both turns into a budget friendly purchase.


All functions are controlled from one control panel, with a variety of knobs, dials, a digital screen and outputs, all on one side of the unit.


Despite having so many options, don’t worry: It’s quite easy to understand and only requires a short learning curve.


Two Welding Options with the Everlast Plasma Cutter.

When you’re ready to weld you can pick the most appropriate function between the 200A TIG welding and 160A Stick.


It’s super easy to switch between options on the control panel by simply pushing a few buttons.

Entry Level
It’s important to know that this is an entry level machine. That means basic functions and limited

(though acceptable) capabilities & power.


That doesn’t make this a bad buy. If you’re new to this type of work or you’re shopping on a budget, entry level products are ideal.


Enables Fine Work
Of course, you don’t simply want power when doing DIY work. You would also like some aesthetic value in your work.

Thanks to a few add ons, it’s easier to deliver quality, neat workmanship.

There’s the adaptive arc force control and the pilot arc.


With the Everlast Plasma Cutter  DC TIG option you can work on stainless steel, chrome moly or steel and you’ll see how the machine allows for extremely fine work.


You can make ¾” cuts with plasma with this model which is more than appropriate for most DIY jobs.

High Tech
Even though the Everlast Plasma Cutter is not a top of the range model or specifically designed for professional use, the manufacturer didn’t hold back on the tech it used.


Users enjoy the user friendliness of having a digital console to control it, which often leads to more accuracy. By making it digital it also tends to be more reliable than others.


The other technologically advanced feature is that this relatively small unit has an inverter embedded in the design.


You’ll see that the different functions all have diverse outputs. Thanks to the brand’s MOFSET inverter you will still have streamlined performances.

There’s no risk of damaging the machine, no matter how many times you switch between the options while finishing your project.

Light Weight & Portable
This machine has everything you need to make repairs through cutting and welding, but that usually requires moving around the plasma cutter and welder.

When your work site is large you don’t want to be weighed down with tools.

Luckily the 206si will never do this to you.

The unit is compact and although it’s not the lightest option on the market, still manageable to carry around.

Even though this is one of the smaller units on the market, you still enjoy ample power.


That makes it possible to work with a variety of welding rods such as 7014 and 7018, even 1/8” in diameter.


Apart from the welding power options the cutter setting produces 50A of power.

The high frequency cutting capabilities are also more than acceptable and you can work on material of 3/8” or ½” thick.

Dynamic Accessories
This purchase doesn’t only supply you with a machine: You get an entire kit with fittings, connectors, accessories, cables and more.

A very nifty accessory makes this an even better investment: The economy foot pedal.


With this you can regulate power usage and gain even more control over your workmanship.


For plasma cutting the set includes a pressure regulator and a water trap. It’s really a great all in one set.



Final Thoughts The Everlast Plasma Cutter
Is this a good buy? If you’re shopping on a budget, if you plan on improving your DIY gear or work on small projects, this 3 in 1 plasma cutter is the way to go.


It won’t suffice for heavy duty work, although you’ll be tempted to try since it’s so light weight and user friendly.


For many who opt for this machine, their first reactions include surprise.

How can such a small machine from a relatively unknown brand perform so well? Will you give it a try and hopefully be pleasantly surprised as well?

Our Rating From 100